C# get forex data from excel cell

c# get forex data from excel cell

/ and call the GetRange method.

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Value property is that the, value2 property doesnt use the, currency and. C# / Set cell values. The cell is in the first row and ninth column. ' Prepare object to define range coordinates ' and call the GetRange method. These code sections are separated by semicolons and used in the following order. ' Display.4.400. GetRange and, getRangeA1 methods, you get back an object array ( object in C# and, object in Visual Basic.NET).

' startCol, startRow, startHeight, and startWidth ' get their value from user input. Display.4.400. Lue.4 mberFormat.000" ' Display.6 as 160.0. For example, a number can appear in a cell as a percentage, decimal, currency, accounting, date or time value. The following code example asks for a 2x3 range, that is, two rows by three columns.