Stochastic oscillator forex trading

stochastic oscillator forex trading

worse enemies. What they do is they focus on the macro-picture. Any oscillator, in the end, shows overbought and oversold levels. If yes, it was invented when traders bought bullish divergences. That is when selling should take place. The currency pair makes a new high?

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If you apply it on a regular chart, it will look exactly like the image below. Secondly, when the cross forms above the 80 level, you simply dont want to be long. However, traders are of two types: conservative and aggressive ones. Even though overbought or oversold levels arent specified, it is easy to build them. Youll never see values bigger than one hundred or smaller than zero. This approach of how to read the stochastic swap spread trading strategies oscillator worked like a charm. I managed to match an overbought Stochastic signal with a price bounce from a bearish trend line. But this doesnt make it unprofitable.

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